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Pizza Ratte

Ratte Splinter besorgt schnell mal ein großes Stück Pizza für seine 4 Schildkrötenfreunde in New York! :-D Na wenn uns das mal nicht an die Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles erinnert. ;-)

Pizza Ratte New York

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The Beat of New York

Sehr geiles NY-Video, dass nur durch einen schönen Zufall entstanden ist…
„Thomas Noesner, our DoP, was in New York for a shoot of the new Mercedes R-Class. Right after the job, he took his camera and strolled through the busting streets of „The City“. While screening the pictures of a drummer in the tube station, I had the idea of creating a „remix“ of the recorded drum sequence to use it as a soundtrack for the film. That´s when our sounddesigner Tussaint came into play… We composed a track around the drum beat of this guy. Watch and listen to the beat of New York!“

The Beat of New York, Remix, Drummer
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