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Game of Seeds 2020

Schönes Covid-19 Projekt. Mehr Infos unter dem Video.

Game of Seeds 2020


When Covid-19 hit it kill my photography business for the summer. On top of that, I have asthma. So like every other „high risk“ person on this planet, I had to stay indoors for quite a long time. Having a tone of time and little to fill it with I searched for a project. After a bit of research, I found out the top quarantine activity was bird watching. I love documentaries about wildlife and I am a photographer, so bird watching sounded like a good fit. However, standing in the backyard peering through a pair of binoculars and writing things down in a book does not sound like fun to me. It also looks creepy when you live in the city.

I decided to do my own version of bird watching using my new iPhone 11 and its amazing cameras to record these elegant winged creatures. When I recorded them at 240 fps I could see how hard birds had to fight to service. So this is my new hobby. Showing the craziness that exists everywhere in the animal kingdom.

This is only my second time using Adobe Premiere Pro, but I think it came out great. I will add more videos soon.

6 Kommentare

  • Jonnyrico Daumen hoch 2 Daumen runter 1

    Möchte ja eher wissen wo es solche Tiere gibt…. Australien oder USA?

  • Baumkillerwolle Daumen hoch 3 Daumen runter 3

    Ich glaube mal die Tiere kommen aus USA ,In Australien wären noch Krokos und Regenwurmartige Tiere dazu gekommen . :-)
    Der Bunte Unruhestifter war sicherlich ein Eichelheer . :-)

  • Benno Daumen hoch 10 Daumen runter 0

    Sehr beeindruckende Aufnahmen!!
    Klasse zusammengeschnitten!

  • Ullei Daumen hoch 11 Daumen runter 2

    Schlimm, die Tiere werden den Menschen immer ähnlicher.

  • einanderer Daumen hoch 1 Daumen runter 1

    Cooles Video. Irgendwie habe ich aber auch den Verdacht mit dem dazugelieferten Text liebäugelt der Verursacher ein wenig mit einem Sponsorenvertrag von Apple oder Adobe. :-D

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