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FlightLapse – MilkyWay

Beautiful! Ein Pilot filmt den Nachtflug von Zürich nach São Paulo in Timelapse.

FlightLapse MilkyWay


The latter is the case for my todays flight across the Atlantic Ocean to South America. Our flight is packed and some 340 passengers are settling in for a long night flight. Its my turn to be at the flightdeck for the first part of the journey, as my other co-pilot gets the chance to rest in the crew bunk above the passenger cabin. We are heading our westbound, along the clearly visible Alps to our left. Just before reaching Geneva and the western tip of Switzerland we are making a shallow left turn to join the Rhone valley leading us to Marseille and onward onto the Mediterranean Sea. Our routing will bring us towards Algeria and on across the northwestern part of the vast Sahara. We will be flying past Dakar in Senegal where we will be heading out onto the Atlantic Ocean. Our south-westerly course will get us across the wide blue – in fact it was pitch-black during the night – to the north eastern shore of Brazil. Landfall is expected just north of Rio de Janeiro and the remaining few hundred miles will get us straight towards Sao Paolo. Our landing is expected around 6am local time, still before the sun will rise.

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  • JJTheDefender Daumen hoch 8 Daumen runter 0

    Nice, very nice! *:D* :-D

  • Locutus Daumen hoch 3 Daumen runter 0

    Sieht beim Flight Simulator etwas anders aus.

  • Globi Daumen hoch 3 Daumen runter 1

    keine Landung, oder nie in Sao Paulo angekommen?

  • Klugscheisser Daumen hoch 0 Daumen runter 0

    Geht leider nur vom Cockpit aus. Als Passagier sieht man keine Sterne im Seitenfenster.
    Schaut mal beim nächsten Flug ist leider so.

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